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Our Noboleis Vineyards Wine Club members are not only loyal customers, but they are truly our ambassadors and friends... We strive to treat them as such. The Noboleis Wine Club gives us the opportunity to share our love for wine in an intimate, educational and fun way.

Noboleis Wine Club Benefits

  • 3 bottle allocations, 4 times/year = 12 bottles/year (20% discount applies) *Legacy Members receive 24 bottles/year.
  • 4 Exclusive Member-Only events
  • free Standard or Star Tasting for member + one guest on every visit ($10-16 value)
  • 20% wine discount on every visit
  • Enjoy pre-released vintages

More About The Noboleis Wine Club

Since many of our Club Members live in the local area we allow for members to pickup their allocations at the winery to save on shipping costs. Club allocations are processed on the first day of the “Pickup Window”, and remain at the winery for 17 days (three weekends). Once the “Pickup Window” has ended, then all remaining Wine Club allocations will be shipped to members and a shipping charge will be added. For members not living within the State of Missouri or members not living within close proximity of the vineyard, then their allocations will be shipped out with remaining club allocations after “Pickup Window” has ended.

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The winemaking team loves to take on new challenges, and they are always trying to experiment with new styles and techniques to make superior wines. Since the experiments are generally small batch lots with thought it appropriate to allow club members early access to these unique wines.  Since we only make small quantities of these wines we can only guarantee that club members will be able to purchase some of our most unique wines.

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In addition to complimentary tastings, Members will enjoy a 20% on all wine, every visit.  The 3 bottle allocation will also be discounted 20% as well as any wine added to that order during pick up.  We are happy to add wine to our members who utilize our shipping after the pick up dates, please email Bryan to add to your shipment.

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Our Members + one guest will receive complimentary wine flights on every visit. Members will also have the option of using a glass during their stay, kindly return it to the tasting room upon leaving.

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We take great care to plan events that will continually deepen our Wine Club Members’ wine knowledge while enjoying the company of fellow wine lovers and being a part of the Noboleis family. Our four events take place in conjunction with our pick up weekends, which occur on the weekends during and after each event. All Wine Club online event registrations open one month prior to the event.

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4 times/year, Members will receive 3 bottles around the 4 exclusive events = 1 case/year. The wines chosen for each 3 bottle allocation will be announced prior to the pickup weekends and they usually have a tie to the event for that allocation, i.e. our Sensory 101 allocation included wines with strong aroma profiles or a Barrel tasting event would focus on oaked wines, etc. When available, we will pre-release new wines to our club members during any given allocation.

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Wine Club Key Dates 2019

Process Dates

  1. March 22nd
  2. May 24th
  3. August 23rd
  4. October 25th

Pick Up Dates

  1. March 22nd - April 7th
  2. May 24th - June 9th
  3. August 23rd - September 8th
  4. October 25th - November 10th

Ship Dates

  1. April 10th
  2. June 12th
  3. September 11th
  4. November 13th

Wine Club Events 2019

  1. Winery Sensory 201
  2. Wine Blending Event
  3. Norton Vertical Tasting
  4. End of the Year Winery Dinner

Event Dates

  1. March 31st
  2. June 8th
  3. August 25th
  4. November 2nd

To Join our Wine Club Today, simply click below on either the Dry Club or Sweet Club and fill out the form. You will be contacted after you submit your new club membership, about when your should expect to receive your first club alloscation. New Members should expect to receive their first allocation within the first few weeks after sign up.  We would love to have you join us!

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