Noboleis Wine Club: CLARET (Mixed)

3 Bottles / Shipment

Claret Club Members are people that have a love for all wine, and don't want to be tied down by labels like sweet or dry. Members of the Claret Club enjoy all of our wines.

Noboleis Vineyards Wine Flights

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

  • Members of our Claret Wine Club will receive 3 bottles chosen for them by our winemaking team.
  • Wines will be a combination of Red and White variatals that fall within our entire wine portfolio.
  • Allocations will come in the format of 2 of one varital and 1 of another.
  • Members will receive 20% off all wine purchases including their wine club allocations.
  • Members of our Claret Wine Club will be receiving a mixture of both dry and sweet wines in their allocations.
  • Claret Club Members willl also be eligible to take advantage of standard Wine Club Benefits.

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