Last week we released four brand new wines which is always exciting around the Tasting Room!  We released our long-awaited Crimson Cabernet that we had tucked away for well over a year to allow the wine to age in the bottle.  We also released a new, limited Dry Traminette to join it’s sister wine, our semi-sweet Traminette.  Finally, we released our two limited edition; Viognier and Aromella wines and we’d like to tell you a little bit about these two wines… will hear more about Crimson Cabernet and Dry Traminette in a future post, so make sure to keep an eye out for more on those two wines.

Our Viognier and Aromella wines were concocted by our winemakers, Brandon and Gabe, as not only a way to bring fresh, new varietals to our portfolio, but also to give our beloved Wine Club members a wine for their respective clubs; the Dry (Terroir) Club,  Sweet (Brix) Club and Mixed (Claret) Club.  With only 300 gallons produced of each wine, we made a limited amount to first release to the Wine Club, which we did in late August, early September.

The dry, white Viognier wine bursts onto the scene with floral and white peach aromas that continue with a crisp green apple and grapefruit finish.  Our Viognier was given a new label to distinguish it as a limited edition wine and we allocated to our Dry and Mixed Club members….and their reaction was worth the effort!

Aromella, by contrast, has a light, semi-sweet profile that has hints of apricots aromas finishing with honey suckle and lime citrus flavors.  Like Viognier, we produced only 300 gallons exclusively for our Sweet wine club members to give them something new and different in their allocation.  Aromella also got a new look with a label that complements the Viognier as a limited edition wine.

Our Club members are loyal Noboleis wine enthusiasts, so producing new wines for them was such a pleasure, to say the least.   We are thrilled to now release the remaining Viognier and Aromella in the Tasting Room so that all can try these new and exciting wines.