With the long and hot days of summer in full swing, we often desire something refreshing like a soft breeze or an invigorating dip into a cool spring-fed river.

The warmth in the air reminds us to slow down, and it begs us take time to sit and relax. Summer is the season of recreation – it is designed for long days at the beach or pool, grilling burgers, watching baseball games and relaxing for an afternoon of music.

Summer should be light and fun, and the perfect pairing for everything summer is wine made from the Vignoles grape.

What’s So Special About This Grape?

The first sip of a refreshing Vignoles wine is like the first day of an enchanting vacation that you never want to end.

This stunning grape gushes with tropical fruit flavors and aromas yet balances its fruit-forward nature with a nuanced acid profile and an easy drinkability.

Essences of pineapple, guava, mango, kiwi and citrus fruit rushes over the palate and delights the senses.

An exciting jolt of acidity intermingles with this abundance of fruit and leads to a refreshing and enticingly delicious finish.

Vignoles Wines: Summer Food’s Ultimate Sidekick

Wines made from Vignoles are the perfect partner for summer meals as well. These wines will compliment everything from Caribbean dishes to spicy barbeque. Simple sides like summer salads and fresh fruit perfectly compliment wines made from Vignoles as well.

A semi-sweet Vignoles wine can enhance many lighter dessert options made with fresh fruit like peaches and cream or strawberry cheesecake.

Even the summer staple watermelon will work wonderfully with these wines.

Noboleis Vineyards Vignoles Varieties

At Noboleis Vineyards, some of our favorite wines we produce come from the Vignoles grape.

Our 2017 Dry Vignoles has been a consistent favorite for wine judges for many years and just recently won another Gold medal at the 2019 Missouri wine competition. Additionally, it was featured in a USA Today article highlighting it as the best Missouri wine to drink this summer.

Our semi-sweet 2017 Vignoles was a gold medal winner and sweepstakes award nominee at the 2018 Mid-American wine competition and a gold medal winner at the 2019 Indy International Wine Competition.

We love to produce these wines for you and hope that they will become an essential companion for your summer fun this year!