Vidal Blanc, a French-American hybrid grape, makes up 8.2% of the grapes grown in Missouri wine country consisting of just over 139 bearing acres. The Vidal Blanc varietal ranges between dry and semi-dry with apple and citrus fruit flavors. The simple and clean nature of this particular varietal makes for the perfect, crisp white wine.


At Noboleis Vineyards, we use the Vidal Blanc varietal to make our Baril De Blanc. As our only oaked, dry white wine, the Baril De Blanc has become a staple in our mainline portfolio. However, the 2017 vintage is unlike any other before. The 2017 Baril De Blanc was oaked in not one, but two ways. Using French oak barrels, the Vidal Blanc was aged for 8 months and then blended with more Vidal which was oaked with chips in a tank. By using two different oaking methods, we are able to get a more complex taste profile as each technique results in different flavor characteristics.


By combining these two methods, the new Baril De Blanc vintage boasts toasted oak aromas that are common tasting notes in caramel, crème brulee and toasted marshmallow. Coupled with the citrus characteristics of the Vidal Blanc varietal, the 2017 vintage surprises with savory apple and crisp grapefruit flavors and ends with a subtle buttery finish.


Vidal Blanc’s citrus flavor profile pairs perfectly with seafood, poultry, and fresh herb dishes. With our Baril De Blanc, we suggest seafood such as salmon, scallops, crab, and lobster. To complement the buttery finish of the Baril De Bland with a chicken dish, we suggest adding herbs such as garlic and basil to bring out the fresh citrus tones of the Vidal Blanc.