Our recently released limited-edition wines include our Aromella, Viognier, Dry Traminette and Crimson Cabernet.  It’s time to put the spotlight on Dry Traminette and Crimson Cabernet, two wines with two very different stories.

Our Traminette typically has a semi-sweet profile, showcasing the estate-grown grape that has a rich floral aroma and crisp mouth feel.  Our 2017 Harvest was plentiful across all of our vineyards, which has allowed us to experiment with new wines and that is exactly what happened with our 2017 Dry Traminette.   Producing one of our flagship wines with a dry profile has been met with high praise from both our staff and our customers.  Since Traminette has such a bold, aromatic power coupled with intense flavors of citrus and cantaloupe, it can hold it’s own as both a dry or semi-sweet wine.   In this case, the Dry Traminette allows the crisp citrus to shine rather than the sweeter notes while also making it an easy drinking, dry white wine.

Crimson Cabernet also joins our limited-edition wines and comes from a vineyard nestled in the town of Augusta, MO.  The grape Crimson Cabernet mimics the qualities and structure of a Cabernet Sauvignon with it’s dark fruit and peppery aromas that finish with a delightful earthy-ness.  Being a cold-hardy grape, Crimson Cabernet grows in the Midwest with far more success than it’s step-parent grape Cabernet Sauvignon.  We allowed our 2016 Crimson Cabernet to age in the bottle for over a year until we felt it was ready to release and we are thrilled to add it to our portfolio for our customers to enjoy.

Both our 2017 Dry Traminette and 2016 Crimson Cabernet are available in the Tasting Room as part of our tastings and for purchase.  Cheers!