Our Reserve Vidal Blanc is the wine that we’ve always wanted to have on our list: an oaked dry, white wine with a buttery, soft flavor profile that even the most discerning Chardonnay drinkers will love.  In order to accomplish this it came down to hand selecting both the grapes and the barrels that we would use to produce the wine.  Here’s the story.

Our Baril de Blanc wine has many of these same characteristics, you might be thinking and that is correct.  For years we have harvested Vidal Blanc from a vineyard in Augusta, MO and through malo-lactic fermentation in oak barrels we produced a wine that processes those buttery notes that are found in Chardonnay-styles wines.  With our Reserve Vidal Blanc we went a step further to increase the quality and deepen the flavor complexity so that this simple grape could shine in a new and exciting way.

It began on September 13, 2016 when we decided to hand pick the Vidal Blanc field, only choosing the most perfect clusters of grapes.  Not one brown speckle was present on any grape that went into the small yellow bins.  With the help of family and friends the day was spent with gloves, pruners and a discriminating eye for grape perfection.  It was hot that day with many water and shade breaks, but it was worth the effort because the most beautiful Vidal Blanc was pressed later that afternoon.

With quality grapes for our future wine harvested, next came the barrel selection process.  Brandon was on the hunt for barrels that were toasted in a certain way so that complimentary flavors were imparted during fermentation.   Creme Brulee characteristics and subtle fruit flavors were the goal for the barrel toasting profile.  He found them in white oak barrels from France and now all of the elements were in place to create an elevated, oaked, dry white wine here in Missouri.

On December 30, 2016 the hand picked Vidal Blanc juice was racked in 5 French oak barrels to begin it’s transformation into what is now our Reserve Vidal Blanc.  Double fermentation in oak barrels, including malo-lactic, occurred over five months to impart the smooth, buttery characteristics that we had hoped for in the wine.  We released it on September 23, 2017 in the tasting room like a bunch of kids at Christmas….eagerly awaiting our customers reaction and of course, hoping to see the same joy that went into making it.

Bottled: June 30, 2017

Cases: 118