Our newly released Reserve Norton doesn’t just have a fancy wax capped bottle; it’s what’s inside that counts.  Why is it a Reserve and what goes into making a wine that’s special and unique?  Barrels and hand-selected vintages.

Our Reserve Norton was first born as a tiny bud back in 2015 on our north sloping Norton field here at Noboleis Vineyards.  Only a few yards from where the grape meets the crush pad during harvest, this vineyard has been consistently producing high quality Norton grapes for close to 12 years now.

As always our Norton lands in oak barrels where we allow it to age and morph into it’s fullest potential as a wine.  This aging can take months and sometimes years before we are ready to pull the Norton from the barrel for bottling.  For our Reserve Norton, winemakers Brandon and Gabe tasted through every barrel of Norton that we had in our cellar as they prepared to choose the best of the best.  They hand selected 5 barrels from our 2015 and 2016 vintages that they felt had complexity yet soft, round tannin structure and that were full of the fruit flavors that best represent the Norton grape.

Landing on 3 barrels of 2015 Norton and 2 barrels of 2016 Norton, they went to work on blending these 5 barrels into what is now our Reserve Norton; a true representation of the best barrel aging and blend of vintages that we can put forth.

Bottled: June 29

Cases: 125 bottled