We are ready to release the newest member of our Noboleis Vineyards Reserve Wines to join the Owner’s Reserve Norton and Reserve Vidal Blanc. Introducing the Owner’s Reserve Cuvée. The word cuvée, French for blend, is just that, a complex red blend featuring all local Missouri grapes.

Our Owner’s Reserve Cuvée’s story begins in 2015 when we celebrated 5 years since opening our doors with the release of our 5 Year Anniversary Blend.  Three wines co-mingled to give this red blend a complex, yet smooth profile that our customers loved.  Wanting to do something similar, we decided to make our Cuvée and hopefully give it a more permanent placement in our portfolio.  Inspired by the 5 year Anniversary blend, we merged the bold flavors of the Norton and Crimson Cabernet with the subtle softness of the Chambourcin, forming our Owner’s Reserve Cuvée.

In the Fall of 2017, we released our Reserve Vidal Blanc, handpicked from an Augusta vineyard.  We also released our Reserve Norton produced from 5 handpicked barrels deemed to be ‘the best’ of our 2015 and 2016 Norton vintages.  We planned to release the Reserve Cuvée in the Fall as well, but we felt that it tasted young….and time has proven that to be correct.  With the additional 9 months in the bottle to mature, our Owner’s Reserve Cuvée, pardon the cliché, is truly a wine that has gotten better with age.  We are proud to release it knowing that it if our customers open it now or decide to cellar it, they will be equally impressed with this exceptional, full body, dry red blend.

Bottled: June 29, 2017