Bob and Brandon took another taste of the Norton to verify that it’s time to pick.  There are many factors that go into the decision to harvest a grape, including Brix, sunshine and even a little dehydration.  Brix measures a grape’s sugar level and then grape ripeness is also measured in order to determine whether it has reached it’s full potential on the vine.   When left to hang on the vine later in the season, Norton develops richly concentrated berry flavors.   Once ripe, then it’s time to schedule to the picker to come and harvest the grapes….this is the picker that services several of the area wineries as a shared resource for efficiently harvesting grapes in Augusta.  Before the vineyard suffers from bird and other wildlife pressure, we need to harvest the now beautifully ripened Norton.  Monday, October 16th is the day, weather permitting!  Stay tuned for a report on the bounty of this harvest, which we suspect will be our largest in volume since planting this vineyard on our north slope in 2005.