What does a winemaker do with residual white wine?  Make a stellar blend that ‘includes’ every white grape that we use here at Noboleis Vineyards.  Introducing, Inclusion, a new dry white blend that was the creation of Brandon and Gabe out of necessity.  With several different white wines leftover after our 2017 bottling, they went to work on a dry blend that would allow a very diverse group of grapes to shine in their own way.  Why the name?  You guessed it, we ‘included’ every single white grape in our portfolio and didn’t leave ‘anyone’ out.   These grapes co-exist in one bottle creating an exciting wine and keeps you guessing flavors with every sip.

The grapes ‘included’ in order of volume are Vidal Blanc, Valvin Muscat, Catawba, Traminette, Vignoles, and Seyval Blanc.

We bottled the wine in June and while it went through bottle shock, we decided on a name and label, then released it on October 20.  We placed this wine right after Noboleis Blanc on the dry spectrum and we hope that it offers another option for our dry white wine fans to enjoy.  Inclusion is in the tasting room and part of our Standard Tasting, so make sure to ‘include’ ii with your next tasting.

Okay, we’ve included enough fun for now.


Bottled: June 30, 2017

Labeled: Oct 19, 2017

Released: Oct 20, 2017