Coming soon!  We will be adding a new Reserve wine to our portfolio that is truly special and we can’t wait to tell you about it.   This new un-named red blend was produced from our barrel-aged 2017 Chambourcin and 2017 Norton.  After tasting through every barrel in our cellar, we chose one Chambourcin and four Norton barrels for this 200-gallon limited edition blend.  This combination would have been ‘reserve’ quality on its own. However, winemaker’s Brandon Dixon and Gabe Miller took this full-bodied blend to the next level!

Testing ten varieties of toasted oak samples (see inset photo), Brandon and Gabe chose four toast profiles to be incorporated in this new blend: Rioja, French Oak – High Vanilla, French Oak – High Mocha and Cuveé No. 2. They immersed the four oak barrel staves into the Chambourcin and Norton blend for aging and deepening of flavor.

Barrel staves are the wooden planks used to build a wood barrel, before they have been curved into shape. The four oak staves that our winemakers chose were looped together and immersed into the blend to age for over a month, incorporating the flavors from the French oak, vanilla, mocha and cuveé staves.  The finished product will be a rich, complex red blend that will be unlike any wine in our portfolio.  Pushing the limits of depth and flavor, this new reserve red blend will stand out and we can’t wait to release it in the coming months!