The next round of bottling our 2017 vintages begins tomorrow morning and Gabe has been busy this week.  The days leading up to bottling are when wine making really springs into action.  The stainless steel tanks are filled with wine that is ready to find it’s place in a bottle.  Depending on the wines that are on the list to be bottled on a given day, tanks are filtered to ensure we are putting forth the purest and highest quality wine possible.

This week, Gabe filtered our Vidal Blanc.  A 500+ gallon tank pumped gallon after gallon of finished white wine through a filter and into another 500+ gallon tank.  Filtering wine goes beyond simply straining impurities out.  Our Italian-made filtering equipment is intricately designed to leave wine in it’s purest form….allowing it’s true flavors to shine.  Our Vidal Blanc comes from a local vineyard that is located in the town of Augusta.  We use Vidal Blanc in several blends as well as for our barrel fermented Baril de Blanc and Reserve Vidal Blanc.  Now that it is filtered, it is ready to be bottled after the long process of a budding grape to finished wine.


VIDEO: Filtering Vidal Blanc