Summer is the time to sit on the patio and sip wine while grilling with friends and family!  We have two suggestions when choosing the perfect summer white wine; Traminette and Dry Vignoles (or it’s semi-sweet counterpart- Vignoles).  Both of these wines are crisp and refreshing, each in their own way.

Our Traminette has beautiful floral aromas and just the right amount of sweetness to make the perfect chilled “Patio Wine”.  Traminette pairs great with spicy food, grilled chicken or apple pie, all excellent options during summertime!  We were recently awarded Best Traminette by St Louis Post Dispatch’s Top Pours, so it’s a great time to give Traminette a try if you haven’t already.
We have a limited amount of our 2016 Traminette left before we are ready to release our 2017 vintage.  When visiting the Tasting Room, the Traminette vineyard is easily visible due east from our tented pavilion.  It is our most photographed vineyard and often the backdrop in photos of our numerous wedding ceremonies each year.

Dry Vignoles is beautifully balanced making it the perfect introduction to a dry white wine for sweet and semi-sweet wine drinkers. Dry Vignoles is a fruit forward, crisp white wine that concludes with a smooth finish.  Dry Vignoles’ counterpart is our semi-sweet Vignoles, which is from the same estate vineyards and made with a sweeter profile.

Grown right on the Noboleis Vineyards property, the Vignoles vines have quickly taken over the grounds. Due to the popularity of this particular varietal, we have planted additional rows that can be seen right along Highway 94. The original acreage lies on the east side of the property (next to Traminette) and will continue to produce for us while the new vines mature over the next 3 years!
When choosing a white wine this summer you can’t go wrong with Traminette or Vignoles (dry or semi-sweet).  Trying new and exciting wines is all part of the fun….and also staying cool with a chilled glass of white wine during the heat of summer.  Cheers!