Bottled: June 29, 2017

Our love for the Norton grape just grew…in fact it doubled!  The Indy International Wine Competition awarded our 2016 Norton a Double Gold and the coveted Best of Class.  The picture (left) of the labels dates back to June 29, 2017 which is the day that our 2016 Norton was bottled.

That summer day was a huge relief because we had a whole new batch of Norton in the pipeline to replace the quickly depleting 2014 and 2015 Norton.  Our 2014 Norton had won the prestigious C.V. Riley Award and our 2015 Norton earned the Jefferson Cup at the 2016 Jefferson Cup Invitational.  Both wines were selling out quickly, raising concerns that the 2016 Norton would not be ready for release before we sold out of Norton completely.  We are careful not to release our wines too soon before they have had time to age in the bottle.  Finally, we released 2016 Norton in the fall and the feedback was positive, but it was still a young wine.  Time gently nudged this vintage into a mature, bold, soft red wine.  Through the winter we experienced our 2016 Norton come into itself and we were proud to submit it for competition.

From it’s first bud break in spring 2016 to harvest on October 17, 2016 and bottling on June 29, 2017, we have watched this grape grow into a beautiful, award-winning wine.  We can’t wait to share another exceptional Norton from our little grape-growing region in Augusta, MO.

The Indy International Wine Competition takes place at Purdue University with over 2,000 entries and only one Best of Class for each wine varietal.