Dreaming of a vineyard....after surveying this beautiful piece of property in Augusta, MO, Robert and Lou Ann have dreams of purchasing it.



In March of 2005, the 74 acres changes hands from its historic farm heritage to begin its transformation into a vineyard.


Four varieties of Missouri grapes grace the hills of the new property; Chambourcin, Traminette, Norton and Vignoles.



As the vineyards begin to take root, the family starts to watch their dream sprout to life.



Bob and Lou Ann finally start to see the vision coming alive as the vineyards produce higher yields of fruit.


As the vineyards mature, the late spring frost of 2007 claims much of the Chambourcin crop. What remains produces part of the first vintage of Noboleis wines.



The old Mulberry Tree quickly becomes the focal point as it perches on the hilltop keeping a watchful eye on the vineyards below.


As grape growers, Noboleis fruit is sold to local wineries for their use. Plans for an onsite winery have begun to take shape.



In January 2009, ground breaks on the new winery that will produce and bottle all of the surrounding vineyards into wine.


Local winemaker, Brandon Dixon, joins us and helps shape the vision of the winery; he even lends a hand with the some of the finishing work.



Tanks begin to arrive in the summer of 2009. The winery comes together awaiting the first Fall harvest.


Noboleis' first harvest that will be produced onsite allows the new winery to stretch out its legs and see what it can do.


Bottling is a family affair; all hands on deck, even the grandkids come and help.



Our first vintage of grown, produced and bottled Noboleis Vineyards wines wins awards at the Missouri Governors Cup.


The new Tasting Room begins to emerge from the front of the winery, just in front of the Mulberry Tree that adorns the Noboleis label.



October 2, 2010 marks the opening day for the Tasting Room. Blessed with beautiful October weather, dreams of sharing Noboleis come true.


Owner, Lou Ann, ushers customers in with her festive attire.



On February 28th, a tornado hits Noboleis, ripping off the roof and tearing out part of the Norton vineyard. No one was hurt and no wine was lost, so blessings were counted.


With the roof fixed and clean up finished, Noboleis gets ready for it's first full season.



Noboleis Vineyards becomes a getaway for many looking to enjoy a relaxing day in the vineyards. Live Music on the weekends and lunch are available May-Oct; Tasting Room is open year round



Noboleis begins offering Vineyard Weddings for up to 200 guests



Wholesale efforts expand Noboleis wines into local wine stores and some grocery stores.


Our first release of an Ice Wine came from unlikely source...a local vineyard never harvested their Vignoles and left them on the vine. After the first frost we were offered the grapes and made Nobol Ice Vignoles. (We had a little fun with the packaging too!)



Celebrating 5 years since opening, a 5 Year Anniversary red wine blend releases on Oct 2...5 Years to the day from opening our doors.